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Lincoln College

1964 1967 Gaudy Attendee List


Mr Andrew Dickie 1964 Classics
Mr Peter Wallis 1964 English Language & Literature
Mr Christopher Buckingham 1964 English Language & Literature
Mr Mark Fletcher 1964 English Language & Literature
Mr John Newth 1964 English Language & Literature
Mr John Halstead 1964 Geography
Mr Michael Noakes 1964 History (Modern)
Mr Shane Norman 1964 History (Modern)
Mr Peter Clarke 1964 Law
Mr Roger Tabor 1964 Modern Languages
Dr Charles Lawrence 1964 Physical Chemistry
Dr Tony Luxton 1964 Physiological Sciences
Dr Anthony Shepheard 1965 Animal Physiology
Dr Geoffrey Allen 1965 Chemistry
Dr Paul Crichton 1965 Classics
Professor Keith Hanley 1965 English Language & Literature
Mr Steven Rose 1965 English Language & Literature
Mr James Bracegirdle 1965 English Language & Literature
Mr John Davey 1965 English Language & Literature
Mr Bernard O'Donoghue 1965 English Language & Literature
Mr John Rigby 1965 English Language & Literature
Mr Nick Payne 1965 History (Modern)
Mr David Irwin 1965 History (Modern)
Mr Ronnie Fox 1965 Law
Mr Graham Binks 1965 Law
Mr Keith Uff 1965 Law
Mr Colin Hickey 1965 Mathematics
St John Crabtree 1965 Modern Languages
Mr John Hall 1965 Physics
Mr Peter Ottey 1965 Physics
Mr Keith Bloomfield 1965 PPE
Mr Dick Newman 1965 PPE
Mr Neil Hirst 1965 PPE
Mr Michael Jack 1965 PPE
Dr David Field 1966 Agriculture & Forestry
Dr Anthony Ginns 1966 Animal Physiology
Mr John Pickup 1966 Chemistry
Mr Mike Wilkinson 1966 Chemistry
Dr Peter Blair-Fish 1966 Engineering Science
Mr Timothy Streatfeild 1966 Engineering Science & Economics
Mr Patrick Magee 1966 English Language & Literature
Mr Stephen Green 1966 History (Modern)
Mr Clive Holder 1966 History (Modern)
Mr Jeremy Gibbs 1966 Jurisprudence
Mr Camden Pratt 1966 Law
Mr David Bennett-Rees 1966 Mathematics
Mr Mickey Parish 1966 Modern Languages
Mr Tony Wells 1966 Modern Languages
Mr Mike Birch 1966 Modern Languages
Dr Dominic Croft 1966 Modern Languages
Dr Graham Crowder 1966 Physics
Mr Albert Hickson 1966 Physics
Mr Rufus Graham 1966 Zoology
Mr David Pearl 1967 Chemistry
Dr Rob Sword 1967 Chemistry, Medicine
Dr Roland Tebbenham 1967 Engineering Science
Dr David Pearce 1967 Engineering Science
Mr Nigel Hind 1967 Engineering Science & Economics
Mr David Cox 1967 English Language & Literature
Mr Richard Hardie 1967 History & French
Mr Jeremy Groom 1967 History (Modern)
Mr Anthony Speaight 1967 History (Modern)
Mr Nick Hall 1967 Law
The Hon Mr Justice King 1967 Law
Dr David Cooper 1967 Mathematics
Mr Peter Varley 1967 Mathematics
Dr Jolyon Cox 1967 Physics
Sir David Clementi 1967 PPE
Ms Susan Davison   Development and Events Administrator
Ms Susan Harrison   Development Director
Revd Dr Melanie Marshall   Chaplain
Professor Henry Woudhuysen   Rector