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Lincoln College

Joshua Thomas

2nd-year CAAH undergraduate

I remember first coming to Oxford with school for an open day and thinking that a lot of the colleges were remarkably similar. Pretty quads, grand old buildings and loads of 'keep off the grass' signs. Great. However, as soon as I looked around Lincoln I was sure it was the one for me. Its friendly atmosphere and tight-knit sense of community were really appealing, and before I knew it I was starting my degree in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History.

What is CAAH? was probably the question I was most asked by other students during Freshers Week, and one year on I am probably in a much stronger position to attempt an answer. It is a fascinating subject which is really brought to life by the engaging tutors and the vast wealth of material that there is to study. With the risk of sounding sad I might even go as far as to say that I enjoy it. After all, it really is a privilege to take part in the tutorial system, which is a priceless and motivating learning experience in which you can discuss your work with world experts in their fields. The lectures are also really interesting, and the wealth of books in the libraries helps to make learning both accessible and enjoyable.

I try to keep a healthy balance between work and play, and like loads of other people at Lincoln I am involved in college sport. Whilst this is obviously a good way to stay fit, the social events are always really fun and provide a great way to mix with students in other years. At the moment I am the JCR football captain and I have also represented the college (very, very badly) at croquet. I also enjoy playing the guitar and singing, and last year I entered various open mic nights as well as the prestigious 'L-Factor' talent competition, which were all brilliant fun. Clearly there is much more to life at Lincoln than just its pretty quads and grand old buildings!