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Lincoln College

Alexandra Economides - Engineering

2nd-year Engineering undergraduate

Choosing a college in Oxford is known as one of the most difficult tasks for applicants. At first view they all seem to be quite similar - beautiful ancient buildings, immaculately kept quad lawns and large medieval halls. However, stumbling into Lincoln for the first time, I was taken in by its friendly atmosphere and intimate environment, putting it in another league from the others.

Now, two years on, I am lucky enough to be sitting at my desk in a large en-suite room, overlooking the High Street, with the buzz of the city centre just a few meters below my window. It's an incredible opportunity to live as a student of Oxford University in the heart of the city centre, and Lincoln will give you this option for your first two years guaranteed. My friends in other colleges envy the fact that one minute I can be working in my room, and within ten, I could have nipped over to Starbucks, bought a couple of essentials from Rymans, and be sitting back in my desk chair; tall, skinny, sugar free, vanilla, cinnamon-topped latte in hand (undoubtedly having bumped into a few friends on the way). Getting to lectures in mornings is a quick an easy task - I can jump on my bicycle at 8:56 am and be at the Engineering Department by 9.00am (more time for sleep!).

On starting university, I was excited to study engineering but was equally anxious, having been told repeatedly how challenging and demanding it would be. Though there is some truth in that statement, the tutors at Lincoln are approachable, committed and helpful, encouraging you to develop your full potential and to overcome any problems you may face. Furthermore, I thrive on being busy and so endeavour to pursue other interests alongside my course, such as working as a member of the Lincoln Ball Committee or playing netball for the college team.