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Lincoln College

Hannah Grace - English

2nd-year English undergraduate

I stumbled across Lincoln, quite unintentionally when exploring Oxford after the English open day.  At the time I was still unsure of whether Oxford was the right university for me, but the friendly, welcoming faces that greeted me at the porter's lodge quickly allayed my concerns.  Being a small college, you quickly get to know many interesting people from a wide range of backgrounds.  It is this diversity paired with a real sense of community that makes Lincoln unique.  You're certainly never without someone to talk to!
Now I'm here I realise what a privilege it is to study in such a demanding, yet fulfilling academic environment.  The tutorial system and the workload do take a bit of getting used to, but the tutors are very supportive.  The nature of the course means you could be studying Middle English poetry one day and Renaissance comedy the next; although it seems daunting, it's this breadth that makes the Oxford course so fascinating to study. You are actively encouraged to write on topics and authors that interest you, making tutorials a lively forum for discussion and debate.  The tutors really help you to develop, and most importantly, have confidence in your own ideas.

There are an endless number of societies and activities to get involved in both in college and Oxford-wide.  I'm currently a member of the ball committee; we're in the process of organising a fantastic ball for Trinity term.  Also, this year I'm volunteering on a reading project at a local primary school. The inclusive nature of the college also means you also have plenty of opportunities to socialise; from theatre trips to the twice termly bops, there's something to suit everyone!