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Lincoln College

Hannah Pickworth - Law

3rd-year Law undergraduate

Trying to decide which college to apply to may seem like an impossible task. All the colleges seem beautiful, they all seem like a lot of fun, but choosing Lincoln College is easy. When I arrived at Lincoln, with my gown and mortarboard in hand, I guessed that Harry Potter and I were not so dissimilar. A world of Latin graces, Roman law and penny throwing at small children, it didn't seem to me like it could possibly be a natural fit. Imagine my surprise when I realized very quickly that I had never felt more at home! Many colleges might say it, but Lincoln means it; Lincoln College has something for everyone. More than that, Lincoln is a real community of friends, where no lone ranger is left to decipher whether tweed and dinner jackets are obligatory uniform or work out exactly what it means when your told to 'sort out your battels'.

Reading law has proved to be very rewarding and enjoyable. The tutors at Lincoln really encourage you to form your own opinions and create original work, which is both challenging and exciting. I was once told that by the end of your time reading law you would have learnt to think in an entirely different way- this is very true and you soon realize this when you catch yourself weighing up the arguments for and against doing today's laundry!

Lincoln is really an all round college, a true believer in the philosophy 'work hard and play hard.' So whoever you are, whatever it is that you want out of your time at Oxford, Lincoln welcomes all.