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Lincoln College

James Sills - Physics

3rd-year Physics undergraduate.

With stunning architecture, including an awe-inspiring library, the eye is most certainly satisfied. Nevertheless it is the heart of the college that reveals its true beauty. Big enough to ensure diversity, small enough to guarantee familiarity, Lincoln hits the sweet spot. A home within an institution.

For a physicist there can be no better place. Friendships formed across subject boundaries, impossible in larger entities, ensure that you do not only graduate with a degree in narrow-minded numeracy, but also with a wider grounding that gives true educational enrichment. It does also help that the Lincoln tutors, whilst being quite brilliant in their respective fields, show true concern towards their handful of tutees willing them to do well and doing all in their ability to help achieve this goal, a combination that is rarer than perhaps imagined.

Life during term is enjoyably hectic. Labs, lectures, tutorials and associated problem sheets create a schedule where the next engagement is never far away. With motivated application however, the demands are reasonable and sport, the odd weekend away and dedicated relaxation are quite possible. So in short, having studied a degree whose framework is based mainly upon logic, I conclude that the only sensible pathway is to study Physics at Oxford and live your days there as a member of Lincoln College.