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Lincoln College

Jasmine Koh - PPE

2nd-year PPE undergraduate

Living overseas, I did not get much of a chance to explore the colleges before making my application. However, my tutor back home had recommended Lincoln to me and since I had some schoolmates who seemed happy with the experience they were having here, I decided to give it a shot.

With usually two assignments on most weeks, life as a PPEist can be stressful. After a while though, things settle down and work starts fitting into life, rather than the other way around. PPE has its moments of technical pedantry that can feel tedious and unreal, but perhaps this is a part of academia that one must get used to. Yet, when there are topics which force me to reflect honestly about my moral beliefs, or question how effective different systems of governance are in securing justice, or grasp economic models which have powerful implications, then thought draws close to existence, and one finds in studies the groundwork of ideals.

But I think this substantial rootedness owes not merely to the nature of the subject, but also to the PPE tutors in Lincoln. One finds that they are more dedicated to truth than to theories, to your sincere education than exams. Not only would they patiently tend to your questions, they would also dare you to ask questions, as they themselves ask questions. Often, one is struck not just by their intelligence, but also their humility and kindness - in how they listen to your ideas and in how they may judge your work, but never your being.

There are many lovely things about Lincoln. One such thing is a solitary bench in grove quad whose inscription reads: 'Challenge the nervous students with a careless beauty'. Lincoln's academic rigour is softened by the beauty of the college and the places around it. In my free time, I simply try to appreciate these things, whether it be by running in the University Parks, whose landscape tells perfectly the seasons, or playing college football in the cold, or very little things like having Chai Latte at Nero's or finding a poem whose lines I may utter in the dark.

This is just my list and everyone has their own. Perhaps the best thing about this small college is that the people here, from the students to the tutors, genuinely appreciate differences and accept one another. And to me, this is why Lincoln would always be a special college; a college I can truly say I am glad to belong to.