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Lincoln College

Richard Berwick - Medicine

3rd-year medic

Lincoln College, Turl Street, Oxford: it's been home to me for the last two years, and hopefully many more to come. I can't tell you what I felt the first time I looked around or even why I chose it in the first place. But, having lived here, I can tell you why you should chose it. I was once told that, as a member of Lincoln, you become an integral part of the community. This is true. On the arduous walk to the Library, or the at the pigeon hole pit-stop you will meet fellow Lincolnites wanting to talk with you. Everyone is so gregarious; you could almost say it was a hindrance! However, when life is difficult, which it indubitably will be at some point, it is this sense of community that will lift you through.

Medicine is difficult, but, all the best things in life are a challenge, and medicine is certainly worth the tribulation. There really is nothing like the tutorial system to sculp your developing mind into that of world-class scientist. Here is a special shout to Dr Vaux and Dr Dennis. In addition to moulding your mind, the tutors are there you support, encourage, and shepherd you. Dr Vaux, our head tutor, will stop at nothing to perform his pastoral role, and his mellifluous words are only a minute away.

Having such a close knit community, participation in sport and societies is as easy as pie. I've dabbled in most things, and there really is everything you could want. Even, if there is something you want to do outside of college, it is almost certain that there will be a contingent of students who want to go with you.

Lincoln college for medicine is a good choice. No, scrap that: it is the best choice.