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Black Redstart spotted in College

Black Redstart spotted in College

23 Feb 2017
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As seen on the Instagram page for the College gardens (@lincolncollegegardens), a Black Redstart has recently made itself at home in Front Quad. These are very rare birds, with less than 44 known breeding pairs left in the U.K. Most known pairs are found in the south of England as they prefer the ‘rocky’ habitats that can be found in towns and cities. 

The Black Redstart (Phoenicurus orchruros) has a slim, upright body and tends to be quite shy in nature. The Black Redstart currently has Red status on the RSPB list of conservation importance, meaning they have faced a severe (at least 50%) decline in UK breeding population in the last 25 years and require the highest conservation priority and immediate action. 

Our new addition has generated a lot of interest in Lincoln - birdwatchers have come from far and wide in the hope of spotting the Black Redstart. For more updates and pictures, please keep an eye on our Instagram pages!



Photo by Kyle Rix, Head Gardener