Lincoln College

Academic Excellence

Lincoln College is committed to the pursuit of academic excellence. Most of the teaching in the subjects we offer, is done in tutorials; you will benefit from sessions with our tutors on a two-to-one or even on a one-to-one basis.  Our tutors are at the forefront of their fields so this individual attention generates a steep learning curve.  Lincoln students learn to analyse their subject material, to develop arguments, to be critical… challenge and be challenged.

The College makes available  a number of grants to undergraduates in support of their academic endeavours, whether that be travelling to distant archives tro research a History thesis, or undertaking a summer internship in a research laboratory, or setting up a subjecty-based society. High achievement in University examinations is recognised by the award of Exhibitions and Scholarships, ranging in value from £150 to £700. An annual dinner is  held in honour of the awardees.

We think our library is the loveliest in Oxford a great place to study.  It provides you with most of the books you need for your undergraduate studies.