Lincoln College

Arriving at Lincoln College

EPA Centre

What to do, and, more importantly, how to do it.

The mechanics

  • If your accommodation is in Bear Lane, Little Clarendon Street, or Queen's Street, come directly to the College.  If your room is in the EPA (in Museum Road) go straight there.  Both places have Porters who are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, they will be able to tell you which room is yours, to give you the keys and tell you how to find the room.
  • Parking in Oxford is difficult and numerous traffic wardens enforce the parking restrictions rigorously.  If you have to unload your belongings from a car then firstly go to the porters who will issue you with a parking waiver to put on the dashboard, this allows you to park on the double yellow lines for up to 40 minutes and to be free of the attentions of the parking wardens.  Without this document you are likely to be ticketed and fined.
  • If you have a College room you will also be asked to sign a contract agreeing the conditions of your accommodation before the key is given to you.

On Arrival Day

  • Check in at the Porter's lodge to get your room keys (if you have college accommodation), access card, arrival information and directions.
  • Soon after arrival, see Carmella Elan-Gaston, the Graduate Officer in Staircase 4 to finalise your registration and collect your Bod Card (student ID card) which you need to access libraries, the Dining Hall, etc, as well as picking up your Welcome Pack. Carmella is available on weekdays, between 10am and 3pm. 
  • In your welcome pack you will receive a sheet with details of how to connect to the WiFi and other IT matters.  See the IT Manager, Mike White, for any computing help.  

During your first week

  • Make sure you check in to your department and are aware of the orientation events it has scheduled.  Contact your departmental supervisor if you know who she/he is.
  • Read your Welcome Pack to find your College Advisor and schedule a meeting with him or her.
  • Buy sub fusc: check out Ede and Ravenscroft on the High Street or Walter's on Turl Street right across from college.  You may also find second hand robes online and through the Oxford University Student Union (Oxford SU).  You will need sub fusc for Matriculation and to eat in Formal Hall during 1st week.
  • Buy a laundry card from the Graduate Officer (5 GBP) and top it up on the machine in the Main Lodge or EPA Centre Lodge.
  • Sign up for meals online if you want to eat in Hall at You must enter your name by 10am on the same day to reserve a space.  For weekend meals you will need to sign up by 10am on Friday.