Lincoln College

Awards for Academic Achievements

Scholarships and Exhibitions        

Scholarships (£300 per annum) and Exhibitions (£150 per annum) are awarded to mark academic achievement and/or exceptional promise. They are awarded to undergraduates in their second or subsequent years, and are held to the end of the academic year in which the award is made. Re-election is conditional on maintained work and progress. Awards are made on the basis of recommendations from subject tutors.

The Old Members' Scholarships and Exhibitions (£300 and £150 per annum respectively) are awarded on the recommendation of tutors to those who, in addition to academic work of Scholarship or Exhibition standard, make an outstanding contribution to the College community.

One Gluckstein Scholarship ( £700 per annum) may be awarded each year to a student reading for the BA in Law, normally in the first term of his or her final year, who appears to the Law tutors to have demonstrated academic excellence, and who shows promise for a successful career in the legal field.

Up to twelve Lord Crewe Scholarships (£700) are awarded annually on the basis of tutors' and advisers' recommendations, to mark outstanding work by undergraduates.

Up to three Peter Atkins Awards (£700) are awarded annually on tutors' recommendations for outstanding work by undergraduates in Chemistry. 

One Stephen Gill Award (£700) is awarded annually on tutors' recommendations for outstanding work by an undergraduate in English Language and Literature.

Please also see the section on Choral and Organ Scholarships.

Awards and Prizes

For excellent performance in University Examinations the College awards £100 for a First in the Final Honour School; £70 for a First in Honour Moderations or a distinction in the First Examination for the B.M.; and £50 for a distinction in Prelims or Law Moderations.

In addition the Stansbie Prize is awarded for the best performance in a science Final Honours School and the Anne-Marie Drummond Prize for the best performance in a humanities or social sciences Final Honours School. The Kenneth Sears Prize is awarded for the best final year thesis in History, or any joint school with History.

Tutors may nominate students who perform exceptionally well in Collections for a prize of book tokens.

The Fairbrother Prize is awarded for the best essay on a topic in Philosophy (broadly interpreted) written by an undergraduate. The conditions for the competition are circulated in Hilary Term and can be downloaded here.

Other sources of support

The Senior Tutor can grant up to £200 to undergraduate students to support academic activities e.g. conducting research outside Oxford. Application forms can be downloaded here or obtained from the Academic Administrator.

Please also see the sections on book grants and travel grants.