Lincoln College

College accommodation


Allocation details of your room will be emailed to you in early August.  You will be told which type of room you have but you will not find out which room is yours until you arrive.


Shortly after you arrive you will receive a contract for you to sign - the licence agreement.  Click here to see a sample copy of the agreement.  The example provided is for a B group room, the others are similar.
Furnishings and Fittings
In your room you can expect to find: bed, mattress, wardrobe, desk, desk chair, easy chair, bookcase, waste bin, drawers, pin board, and curtains. Some rooms also have desk lamps, but College does not guarantee to provide these. You provide your own bedding and towels.

All rooms have WiFi but also have ethernet connections; cables can be purchased from the IT Office or Lodge for £5.
Bed Packs

To make things easier for you the College sells bed packs in the Lodge (duvet and cover, flat sheet and pillow and cover).  Overseas students may find this option useful as it reduces the amount they have to pack and it means they do not have to go shopping as soon as they arrive!

The packs will cost about £30 and are on sale at both the Lincoln and EPA porters' lodges.