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Lincoln College

IT Rules and Regulations

In addition to the overarching University rules concerning IT usage all users of the Lincoln College network and IT facilities must abide by the following specific rules:

  • Use of computer equipment and software owned by College or the University is permitted for bona fide academic and College purposes only.
  • Users must not intentionally or otherwise disrupt or interfere with the work of other users or staff.
  • All computers connected to the College network MUST have up-to-date antivirus software installed and (for Windows computers) must be fully patched using Windows Update
  • Network connections in rooms are for computers only - no hubs or switches are permitted. Note that this especially includes wireless devices.
  • Smoking, drinking or eating are not permitted in any of the computing rooms.
  • All users must respect the provisions of the Copyright Laws.
  • All users must act within the Data Protection legislation.
  • Lincoln College accepts no liability for any loss of data or consequential damage arising from the use of its computer systems.

For users of the IT rooms:

  • Only the designated user of an account may use it. You must not let other people know your password or the door code.
  • No changes whatsoever may be made to the software configuration of the computers.
  • Logged in workstations must not be left unattended - this is a security risk as well as being selfish.
  • College makes NO absolute commitment to preserve ANY user's data on the hard disks or server. This includes personal configuration files and mail. Although every effort will be made to ensure data is regularly backed up you must not assume that any of your files will be in your account the next time that you log on. It is the user's responsibility to back up their data.
  • No smoking, eating or drinking in the computer rooms.
  • College computer equipment may not be used for commercial purposes.
  • No illegal activities may be carried out using the College equipment.
  • No material which may cause offense is to be stored or printed on the computer equipment, e.g. pornography or other offensive material.
  • No hardware or software may be used which compromises the security of the network or the privacy of users.
  • Please do not MOVE the computer units on the worktops. This can upset the cabling, potentially compromising the network or preventing a workstation from operating.
  • No connections may be changed or made to any of the computer hardware without the specific consent of the IT Office.
  • Users wishing to actually do some academic work on the computers have priority over games players, chat line users, Internet surfers ... etc.
  • There is no reserving of terminals. If people's personal belongings are crowded around an un-attended terminal you should log them out and dump their stuff on the table. Do not complain if this happens and you lose your work!
  • Personal belongings must not be left in the computer suite
  • The copying of licensed software from the system is forbidden.