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Guest Registration

Please complete the following form.

Guest name
Email address
Contact number
Date of Birth
Arrival date
Arrival time
Departure date
Method of payment
For non-UK nationals only:
Date of issue
Date of expiry
Date of arrival in UK
Arrived from
Proceeding to
Proposed duration of stay in UK
Passport number

Guests are informed that the individual who made the booking is responsible for all guests in his/her group, including damage to property and adherence to College rules and regulations. Porters and other College staff have the authority to enforce any College rule that they are breaching or in danger of breaching.

No disturbances or unnecessary noise after 11pm and before 8am.

No animals allowed in College buildings with the exception of assistance animals, unless stated otherwise.

All guests are instructed to familiarise themselves and comply with all health and safety, fire, invacuation and evacuation procedures at the College.

By completing this form I understand that this data is being taken in accordance with the Immigration (Hotel Records) Order 1972 and handled within the GDPR regulations.