Lincoln College

Using the Library

When is the library open?

During term time (weeks 0-9), the Library is open  8:30am-2:00am

During vacations, the library is open 8:30am-11:00pm

Staff are available in the library Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:15pm, though the library may not be manned 12:30-2:00pm

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Finding books

You can use any computer on the Oxford University network to search for books in Lincoln College and other Oxford University Libraries. You need to use Search Oxford Libraries Online (SOLO). For an introductory guide to using SOLO see Finding resources at Oxford.pdf  For more detailed guidance see

For assistance accessing Oxford University resources from outside the University network see


  • Once you have connected to SOLO, click in the Search Oxford Libraries' Catalogue box, enter the title or author of the item you need and click on Go.
  • Click on the item you require from the results list. Click on Find & Request to see all the libraries that stock that book and whether their copies are available to borrow or confined to the library. To check whether the item is on loan to someone else and when they are due back, click on the + beside the name of the library.
  • The list of libraries is in alphabetical order, so scroll down till you see Lincoln College Library. If it is not in the list, we do not stock the item. Be aware that the first results screen on SOLO may tell you there is more than one version of an item. You have to go back to the results list to see holdings of the other version.
  • If it is in the list, make a note of the shelfmark.
  • Lincoln College Library is arranged so that shelfmarks 100 begin on the shelves nearest the door in the Upper Library and follow clockwise round the Upper Library, apart from shelfmarks 340-349 (Law) which are in the Lower Library on the right-hand side and 000-006 (Computing), 500-659 (Sciences), 780 (Music), 791 (Film), 830-895 (Modern Languages) which are in the Lower Library on the left-hand side. For help locating a shelfmark, please see the Library Map.
  • Books shelfmarked "Ref" are found in the Lower Library on the right-hand side on the shelves nearest the stairs. Books shelfmarked "Law Ref" are found on the adjacent shelves.
  • Books shelfmarked OM or LIN Tower can only be accessed by Library staff.  You may ask for items from the Tower to be fetched for you at any time during office hours.

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Finding periodicals

  • Print copies of periodicals are found in the rolling stack on the right-hand side of the Lower Library, though most recent issues are stored in the browser on the Library entrance level, near the Self-Issue machine.

  • Modern Language Newspapers are put in the browser on the Library entrance level, near the Self-Issue machine each day in Full Term. Back issues are found on the shelves in the Upper Library nearest the book lift at the top of the right-hand staircase. We stock Frankfurter Allgemeine, Le Monde, El Pais and Repubblica.

  • Electronic access to periodicals and databases is via Databases A-Z.  

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Finding past exam papers

Past exam papers are accessed online on OXAM. You will need your Single Sign On to login.

Other resources in Lincoln College Library

We have a skeleton for use by students of Medicine and Biochemistry. The skeleton is housed in a chest which lives on the bottom shelf of one of the bookcases in the Mathematics section of the left-hand side of the Lower Library. Please sign out bones you are taking in the notebook in the chest and return items to the chest after use.

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