Lincoln College

Lincoln Life

Ask any Lincolnite, past or present, what they liked best about Lincoln - most will say it was the friendly atmosphere.  From the moment you arrive people go out of their way to make you feel welcome. For example, on your first day you will welcomed by the two second-year students who have been designated as your College ‘parents’.  One of your parents will be in your subject, the other from a different one.  As part of a College family you will find that you have siblings in your year, your grandparents will be a couple of years above and a ‘family meal’ takes on a whole new meaning!

Of course, your social life at Lincoln will extend far beyond your College family. After that initial welcome you will find it easy to meet many people in the close knit, supportive community that Lincoln provides. The size of the College means that you don’t have to go far to find someone on the same course as you, or with similar interests and hobbies.

When you study at Oxford, although academic commitments will keep you busy you will have spare time!  And the JCR (Junior Common Room) is very happy to help you fill it. There are lots of new and exciting things to try out and lots of opportunities to continue with your favourite pastimes - sports, drama, music, debating – even Ultimate Frisbee. And because Lincoln is one of the colleges of Oxford University you can join any of the many societies in the University as well as Lincoln’s own.

Lincoln is quite unusual as it is made up roughly equal numbers of undergraduate and graduate students. The graduate students also live close by the College and frequently come in to socialise and eat in the dining hall.  This makes Lincoln a diverse grouping of students – diverse in both age and nationality.

We may have old buildings – but our outlook is firmly in the 21st century!