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Lincoln for Life

Lincoln for Life is an initiative to engage young alumni (i.e. those who matriculated within the last ten years) with the College. We hold two social events for our young alumni in London each year, we promote news and useful information through our Facebook group (search 'Lincoln for Life'), and we fundraise for our Lincoln for Life Fund.

Young alumni are represented by our Lincoln for Life Committee. The Committee liaises with the Development Office on behalf of fellow Lincolnites and votes on how to spend the Lincoln for Life Fund each year.

Meet the Lincoln for Life Committee members here!


Lincoln for Life Fund

We formally launched the Lincoln for Life Fund  at our Autumn Lincoln for Life social in London on 24th October 2014. 

The facts:

  • It costs £16,000 a year to educate each undergraduate; declining revenues leave Lincoln a £7,000 shortfall to cover;
  • With increased tuition fees and dramatic cuts in Government funding, our students and College are faced with mounting debt;
  • Lincoln wants to offer sufficient financial support to attract and retain the brightest candidates;
  •  Lincoln wants to continue to support sports and societies and maintain and improve buildings and facilities;
  • We cannot do this without your help!

Designed by you, for you

Your young alumni representatives told us that:

  • You want to see tangible results from your donations;
  • You want to feel that your contribution is truly making a difference, at whatever level.

Along with your representatives, we designed the Lincoln for Life Fund to:

  • Be a Fund solely for gifts from young donors;
  • Be spent on a yearly basis on tangible projects suggested by College and chosen by our Lincoln for Life Committee;
  • Allow fundraising achievements to be publicised to young donors.

Our goal is to increase the percentage of young alumni giving annually (gifts to the general Annual Appeal will also be included). Only 6% of young alumni have ever made a gift to College.

Please show your support of College by donating today using the form below. Every gift over £5 will count towards your % rate!