Lincoln College

Registration & University (Bod) Card

Step 1: The University
Once you have returned your signed University contract and photograph, your University enrolment process will start.

Registration opens on 1 September. Before coming to Oxford, you must log in and verify your personal details here:

You will receive by email the password information you need to log on to the Student Self Service registration site, and to receive your 'Single Sign On' username, essential for accessing all networked information systems in Oxford This crucial email will be sent to you automatically when the university has processed your contract - they will use the email address you entered when you applied, so please make sure that this is still current. 

Step 2: The College
The registration process is competed in the College. The College will issue your University Card, giving access to libraries, computing services and other facilities.  This magic card is always known as the Bod card (short for 'Bodleian Library Card'). Effectively, without it, you can do nothing, so getting it should be a priority!

You can get your Bod card from Carmella in the College Office, turn left on the first landing on Staircase 4. Carmella is the Graduate Officer; she organizes, advises, instructs, sorts out problems and answers questions - she is responsible for all graduate administrative matters from the time they arrive to the time they leave.  She will also provide you with your Welcome Pack.

The Matriculation ceremony takes place on Saturday 19 October. All students embarking on a degree course at Oxford for the first time must matriculate. Further details will be in your welcome pack.