Lincoln College

Visiting your School or College

All of our workshops are offered free-of-charge to state schools and colleges in our link areas. We advertise these events via our mailing list, which you can sign up to here.


Year 8-11 - Aspiration Raising

We offer workshops on the following themes:

  • What is university
  • Choosing GCSEs
  • Choosing A-Levels
  • Higher Education and employability
  • Breaking down barriers to Higher Education

We can discuss what would best suit your students. These are generally 45-60 minutes long (we can adapt to your class length) and we would be keen to run multiple sessions at a school engaging a range of year groups. These workshops take place in specific weeks of the year, which are advertised in advance via our mailing list. Where possible, we bring along current students to share their experiences.


Year 12 - Applying to Oxford

Session on what Oxford has to offer and on preparing to make an application. These are generally 45-60 minutes long (we can adapt to your class length) and, where possible, we would run multiple sessions at a school/college with different year groups.


Year 13 - Interview Preparation

We offer interview preparation workshop for aplicants to Oxford and Cambridge in November each year. The session has been developed in collaboration with Trinity Hall, Cambridge. It offers students the opportunity to work though interview questions and become more familiar with what the interview process is like and how they can prepare. 

We ask that schools and colleges host others in the locality. Due to the wide variety of subjects Oxford and Cambridge offer, we find this works best as a collaborative event, so students can work with others applying to a similar subject and practice the key skills needed for interviews.

This session is 1.5-2 hours long.


Parents and Carers

Working with parents and carers can be really helpful in unpicking preconceptions about university generally, as well as Oxford more specifically. If you are working with parents and carers in this way, we would be interested in supporting you. Please contact the Schools Liaison Officer to discuss this further.