Lincoln College

Undergraduate Accommodation


Daily / weekly average room rate: £22.83 / £159.83

Length of undergraduate contract in days:

  • 1st years: 177 days
  • 2nd years and some 3rd years: 179 days
  • Most 3rd years and all 4th years: 259 days.

All undergraduate students are guaranteed accommodation in College for the duration of their undergraduate degree {please note this does not apply to students who have suspended studies]. All rooms have wash basins or ensuite facilities, and all have an Ethernet and wifi connection. First- and second-year students are mostly housed in the old part of college and in Turl Street. Third-year students are usually accommodated a few streets away in Museum Road, close to the Science Area, or opposite the College, on the High Street.

First-year rooms are allocated at random; in subsequent years, they are allocated through a ballot organised by the JCR. Students with particular requirements (e.g. medical) can apply for exemption from the ballot, and a room which meets their requirements will be allocated to them.

We have accommodation suitable for disabled students both on the main site and at Museum Road. Most of the main college site (including Hall, JCR, and bar) is accessible by wheelchair.

Students must vacate their room on the date specified on their room plan unless vacation residence is granted. Application forms are circulated in good time ahead of the deadline of Friday of 6th week, and any queries should be addressed to the Accommodation Manager. Permission to remain in residence is not granted automatically (expect for those with University examinations in the vacations) and students should not make arrangements until formal permission has been received.

Students in the second year and above may live outside College accommodation, but must ask the Rector's permission, in writing, by Friday of 6th week of the preceding term.

Accommodation Charges 2019-20

   In College'* Plan
 In College' Plan
2-3 year
 Out of College' Plan
2-3 year
 Weekly  £168.70  £152.95  £157.85
 Daily (inc Vac Res)  £24.10  £21.85  £22.55

Please consult section 8 of the student handbook for more information on all the above.

*There are two types of accommodation plans, ‘In College’ and ‘Out of College’. The ‘In College’ plan allows for just over 25 weeks in residence (i.e. three full terms plus a few days on either side).  Most undergraduates will be on this plan. Students living in Museum Road and Bear Lane houses, and all graduate students, are on the ‘Out of College’ plan, which allows for 37 weeks in residence (i.e. three full terms plus Christmas and Easter vacations).


You can expect meal costs to be of the following order:

  • Breakfast: £1.45
  • Lunch: £4.20
  • Dinner: £5.15

Lincoln College food is widely regarded as the very best in the University, and the 15th-Century Hall provides a popular focus for life in College. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in Hall every day during term-time, and throughout most of the vacations. Formal Hall is held daily (except Saturdays) during term-time, in addition to a daily informal dinner.

In addition, morning pastries and light lunchtime meals (plus takeaway coffees) are available in the atmospheric cellar bar ('Deep Hall') during term time.

Students in their third and fourth years have access to kitchens in their accommodation.

UUK Code of Practice

Students should know about the Universities UK approved code of practice for student accommodation. This sets out basic standards for student accommodation in Higher Education Institutions such as the Oxford Colleges.

You can find out more information by going to Universities UK code of practice website