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Portrait of John Wesley after John Jackson

John Wesley at Lincoln

John Wesley was a Fellow of Lincoln from 1726 until he resigned his fellowship on his marriage in 1751. Wesley continued to describe himself as a former Fellow of the College until his death and in his letters and published writings looked back on this period, which saw the establishment of the Holy Club in Oxford as well as his own spiritual awakening and the early development of Methodist theology, as one of great happiness and fulfilment.

This exhibition brings together a wide variety of material from Lincoln’s historic collections: letters and other documents from the College archives, books from the Wesley Collection and the Senior Library and artefacts such as portraits and silver that still form part of College life. It will also look at the College buildings, some of which remain unchanged from Wesley’s day. The exhibition will shed light on Wesley’s years at Lincoln and on the ways in which the College has remembered him.

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Image: Portrait of John Wesley after John Jackson