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Lincoln College

What to do if You are on the Blacklist

Alderman Levinz

If you are unfortunate enough to find you are on the Blacklist, it means that you have at least one loan, maybe more, that is very overdue. You should either

  • Return the overdue loans to the library, using the Book Return Bin in the Assistant Librarian's desk at the Library entrance.
  • Ask the library staff to renew your loans. If the books have already been renewed 3 times already, you will be asked to bring the books back into the library for checking in. If there are no reservations on the books, you will be able to borrow them again immediately.

If you are unable to return the books immediately, it is important to contact library staff to explain the difficulty, rather than to ignore reminders.You may be liable to receive a fine from the Senior Dean, if you persistently ignore reminders about overdue loans.

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